The Best Gaming Editorials You've Never Read

By Joel Taveras

July 12, 2010

As we approach our 1 year anniversary milestone we here at DualShockers figure what better way for you all to familiarize yourself with the site than by checking out some of our past original work that has helped gain some serious momentum throughout our first year in the biz. Believe it or not, but we’re much more than your everyday gaming news site, and it’s actually editorials like the ones listed below that have helped gain the respect of readers as well as our peers throughout the industry. Considering that it’s Monday, we’re in the middle of the Summer, and Michael Pachter hasn’t made any ridiculous predications recently, actual gaming news is pretty light. So instead of searching for news that isn’t really there, how about checking out the very best gaming editorials you’ve never read!

Why I Game – To Escape

Tragedy and violence convoluted my life ever since I became self-conscious.  I wouldn’t wish it upon my most hated enemy living the life I’ve lived.  Some people would call it luck, while others might think it was destiny.  Whatever it was, it assisted with battling my demons.  Growing up when and where I did would seem like something out of a movie – or the constant crap you hear and see in the media revolving gangs and whatnot.  I’m not saying I’ve lived the worst of lives, but I think that at my age, I’ve seen things that would put what most have seen to shame, sadly.  Fortunate for me, I found my Mecca in gaming – a hobby that would save my life from the clutches of the stereotypical lives lived by those who were my neighbors, my friends and even my family; a solemn life that egregiously leads to incarceration or death…

How Racism is Ruining Online Gaming

Gaming is a place that normally provides asylum to those who seek it. An escape if you will, just like sports, video games are a distraction or remedy that help people recover from the daily stresses of everyday life.  You get into the zone, and for that moment when you’re shooting zombies, rescuing the princess, or preparing for a raid you can forget about everything and take a lot of society’s harsh realities and tuck them into the back of your mind. Unfortunately, there are times when real- world situations or ideals follow you into the only refuge you have, and it’s usually when you enter the online gaming arena…

Why Ratchet & Clank is the Most Important PS5 Game

Is Handheld Gaming Really That Great?

The majority of us who grew up with gaming as our hobby of choice can easily remember the excitement we felt when we first heard and saw Nintendo’s over-sized handheld, the Game Boy. Back in those days, the thing looked extremely high-tech and surpassed the expectations of many of its first buyers. Let’s forget that it looked like a brick with a screen the size of a saltine cracker at the time – it was acceptable then. It was 1990, tech-toys were bulky as is, and people wore purple pants, orange shirts, and neon green cigarette-branded hats. The Game Boy was your “carry me around” toy that all your friends wanted to kill you for.  The black pixels would impregnate the green-tinted screen with the sights of memorable titles like Tetris as we held the 15 pound gaming device while smiling to ourselves.  I had man hands at the age of ten because of its exaggerated size…

Gaming Journalism Gone Fanboy

Gaming has become a remedy for cultural unison. It has broken down barriers of competition, communication, and entertainment; it has throttled our very own perception of evolving technologies and creativity. From Nintendo’s first console release in 1985 – which paved the way for console gaming as we know it – to our current generation of console diversity with Microsoft’s Xbox360, Sony’s PlayStation 3, and Nintendo’s intuitive Wii, gaming has become a luxurious means of expressive entertainment beyond our wildest dreams…

DLC = Dirty Low Corporations

In this current generation of video games, we as gamers have been witnessing the increase of certain industry trends. Whether it’s the recent emphasis on more casual experiences via the Nintendo Wii (which some would argue is hurting the industry, but in fact it is making it bigger and stronger by broadening the demographic), or the almost automatic inclusion of an online multiplayer component, thanks to the Xbox 360. One trend that has spread like the plague across all platforms is downloadable content (DLC), and I feel this is something that deserves some serious thought…

Linearity In RPGs – An Exploration

Perhaps one of the most fortunate (or unfortunate, as the case may be) realities about our lives is the fact that we travel in a linear direction through time. Our lives have a beginning and a finite point; there is no changing that. We don’t have a Delorean we can charge up and race off into a different time period to influence our past and change the future (at least, not yet, right?). It’s with this in mind, it seems, that our favorite books and movies define themselves – one linear motion, each having a start and finish, regardless of their genre or plot….

Exploration In Games – Why Do We Do it?

“Develop an interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.” ~ Henry Miller

The worlds we’re given to explore through the games we play are full of nooks and crannies, hiding rich treasure, knowledge about our characters via cut scenes or any number of other mechanics to improve, prolong and excite our game play experiences. Exploration is pushed to the forefront in some games and genres, while its left by the wayside in others. Still, in nearly every game out there where we’re put into a fictional universe there are benefits to exploration, whether the developers intended it that way or not….

The Hype Machine – Managing Expectiations

We’ve all been a victim of it at some time or another – the Internet hype machine. We heard about a game we’re excited to see being developed, whether it’s the next title in one of our favorite franchises or a brand new IP that appeals to us, and we get excited. As development progresses, we hear about things being worked on for the game and, perhaps, some game features are promised which end up not being in the final product…

Dear President Obama…

For years on end, gamers have been plagued with the same continuous rants from religious aficionados, parents, and political deities that gaming harms the minds of our youths and promotes an egregious form of thought and violence. With the constant evolution of graphical capabilities within gaming, the attraction to experience something in a different form of entertainment tends to appeal crowds of every form; whether its children, teenagers, adults, the elderly, this consistent transformation in technology grasps the minds of all. This doesn’t only apply to gaming, of course. This applies to the movie industry, the music industry, and anything else which profits from the technological gain that distracts our consciousness. I won’t deny that too much gaming without constraints, in fact, can decay the minds of our children and so forth. But this goes for anything that we consume without moderation…

Nintendo: Victim of their Own Success

In the world of video games there are words that are seldom used. One word that’s on the top of that list is the word different. The thing with being different is that it can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes a game is different and it’s a breath of fresh air for the industry, on the other hand sometimes it’s too different and winds up seeming more gimmicky than anything else…

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