The Best of PSN in the Month of June

on July 6, 2010 9:30 PM

The Best of PSN in the Month of June

If you own a PS3 and are craving something fun and possibly reminiscent to sink your teeth into, then you should check out the list of PSN’s top 10 most downloaded games of June. This list includes several appearances from the Final Fantasy franchise and also a few fighting games. So no matter what your taste, there is probably something on this list that you will enjoy.

1. Final Fantasy IX

2. Tecmo Bowl Throwback

3. Joe Danger

4. Planet Minigolf

5. Mortal Kombat II

6. Final Fantasy VII

7. The Price is Right

8. Marvel vs. Capcom 2

9. Final Fantasy VIII

10. Catan


Taran is a Computer Science Enginnering Student at The Ohio State University. He played his first video game on the SNES but did not own a console until he got an N64. Favorite Games: World of Warcraft, .Hack series and Dynasty Warriors 2