The Best Pokemon Fan Art: Seven Masterpieces Including Giratina, Ninetales and Charizard

Pokemon have never looked more realistic.

By Jo Craig

August 3, 2021

Pokemon fans are used to the 2D, anime-styled artwork of pocket monsters, detailed with black linework and vibrant, one-dimensional colors. The artwork found on the cards belonging to the Pokemon Trading Card Game, however, brought a realistic quality to Pokemon, initiated by Keiji Kinebuchi, Mitsuhiro Arita and Ken Sugimori’s illustrations.

As Pokemon progressed through generations, so did its artwork. Many professional and amateur artists have depicted how they see ‘mons in the real world, and we have highlighted some of the best fan art pieces out there – even though some are quite nightmarish.

A free content update is coming to New Pokémon Snap!

A free content update is coming to New Pokémon Snap!

Charizard Poster by Dane Cozens

This first creation is by Dane Cozens, who has created a modern poster depicting an unlikely scenario with Charizard. The spectacular dragon can be seen wrapping itself around a billboard in the desert, where a nearby trainer watches from their motorbike.

Dane Cozens

Hybrid Machamp by Frame Wars

Visual artist Frame Wars has created a series of Pokemon art within their Neo Terra series, which show some Pokemon as mechanical hybrids. The Machamp piece is particularly impressive with glowing red eyes, and the artist has also provided a breakdown of its armor.

Frame Wars

Fear the Fearow by Tygarii-Razil

This heartwarming piece by Tygarii-Razil shows a trainer comforting a wild Fearow, which is an interesting contrast to the anime’s interpretation of the bird who attacks on sight.


Creepy Pokemon – Cubone by David Szilagyi

Every pocket of PG-rated material within the pop culture universe will have involuntarily turned to the dark side through the hands of artists. Despite the once innocent-looking Cubone now turning into a jungle killer, David Szilagyi’s black-and-white-artwork is nonetheless captivating in its original representation of Pokemon.

Zapdos by MrRedButcher

MrRedButcher’s abstract approach to the legendary bird is a piece of art that every Pokemon fan would want on their wall. The sharp linework accompanying the streaks of lightning is a perfect Zapdos iteration.


Giratina’s Arrival by Butt-berry

Butt-berry’s piece, titled ‘Giratina’s Arrival’, does a great job at emphasizing the legendary Pokemon’s scale in amongst the mountains. The trainer watching from afar is very atmospheric as the godly monster floats through the clouds.


Vaporeon and Ninetales by RJ Palmer

Our list ends with something to melt your heart, as artist RJ Palmer has created a beautiful illustration of Ninetales and Vaporeon having a touching moment by the water. The colors and attention to detail make this masterpiece one of the best.

RJ Palmer
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