The Biggest Douchebag Gamer Of All Time

When you think of a gamer that is a douchebag, you usually think of grenade spammers, spawn killers, rage quitters, vulgar loudmouths, or the guy that plays his horrible music over mic. Well, Erik Estavillo has truly raised the bar, and he raised it HIGH. Let me catch you all up on who he is, why he is such a douche, and I will end it with a good old fashioned rant.

In July 2009, Erik was banned from PSN (which is quite a feat to do in itself) while playing Resistance: The Fall of Man. He was banned because, if you didn’t guess it before, he is an annoying douche. He then attempted to sue Sony, claiming that he was only exercising his First Amendment rights. Also, he claimed that he deserved restitution for his “stolen” PSN points.

“In his request to the court, Estavillo, who appears to be unrepresented, asks that SCEA be enjoined from banning players. He also seeks $55,000 in punitive damages.” 

Well, on September 22, that suit was shot down (anyone surprised?), but Estavillo filed an appeal to the judge’s ruling. Also, he filed a civil lawsuit against SCEA on October 14th, in which he seeked $180,000.

“Estavillo tells GP he is representing himself in these cases and, in light of his PSN ban, is playing the Wii (Metroid Trilogy) and Xbox 360 (Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe). Estavillo said that he loves playing as The Joker in the latter title and may be “a bit obsessed” with the character, adding, “I plan to wear a purple suit during my court trials. No joke!”

As if this wasn’t enough, Estavillo is not done yet. He truly shows his opportunist nature with some news that just surfaced. On November 18, Estavillo filed suits against Nintendo and Microsoft.

He is seeking $75,000 from Microsoft, saying, “that Microsoft should have to bear the burden that is now put on the shoulders of this disabled plaintiff.” He claims that he cannot afford the price of repair due to disability (I will get to that in a minute) he also claims “undue stress” due to his 360 red ringing and “sadness he will have in the mean time of finding one he can afford.”

Estavillo is also seeking $5,000 from Nintendo because they interfered with his, “pursuit of happiness.” This is because the 4.3 update, for the Wii, disabled his Homebrew Channel. He was using Homebrew to unlock characters in Mario Kart Wii because he felt that he shouldn’t be forced to buy Super Mario Galaxy to unlock characters. He is also seeking an injunction to prohibit Nintendo from “deleting, blocking or prohibiting the Homebrew Channel and Ocarina applications.”

He will be filing a near-identical suit on the state level.

Estavillo claims to suffer from a multitude of ailments including: depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, agoraphobia and Crohn’s disease. He claims to play games to bring him happiness since his ailments keep him from interacting.

Now it is time for the rant that I promised, I tried to keep the the rant out of the actual news part as much as I could.

WARNING: as a whole does not agree with the views of Evan Velez. The following will contain some mature content that may be extremely offensive.

I feel that Erik Estavillo is the most opportunistic piece of crap gamer on the planet. Not only does he make gamers look bad, but he also crutches on his disorders to try and justify his asinine claims. He was banned from PSN for being a douchebag and a piece of crap.  He could have counted his losses and left it at that, but no, he has to start a spree of frivolous lawsuits, in which he represents himself. He then decides, to hell with it, why not try and take a piece from Microsoft and Nintendo as well. Estavillo is truly a bottomfeeder who deserves any terrible things coming his way.

Information and quotes via [GamePolitics]

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