The Blogger Who Cried WoW Killer

Since EA’s press conference there have been whispers around the forums that Star Wars: The Old Republic could be the next to get a shot a being the fabled World of Warcraft killer. While it may be a possibility, I think its a little to early to be crying WoW killer. All that we have seen from SW:TOR are two trailers and bits and pieces of game play demoed at E3.

As a WoW player myself, I find the idea of any game killing WoW to be almost laughable. To accomplish the daunting task of dethroning the current god of MMORPG gaming, SW:TOR would have to convince the larger part of 11 million people that it is not only a better game but also worth completely dropping a game that you have poured countless hours into already.

To top it all of come this fall WoW’s third expansion, Cataclysm, will come be hitting the shelves. This expansion will give a much needed overhaul to the sometimes bland and lackluster areas from original WoW.

Currently, the release date for SW:TOR is set for Spring 2011, when Cataclysm will be in full swing with new content releases every few months. This fact alone may be enough to dissuade some WoW players, such as myself, who will be blindly focused on progression raiding at that point.

Nothing is for sure but at this point I think WoW will retain its place at the head of MMORPG gaming. That is my opinion, but what do you think? Is the force powerful enough to bring down Blizzards behemoth or will the heroes of Azeroth be swinging for years to come?

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Taran Brar

Taran is a Computer Science Enginnering Student at The Ohio State University. He played his first video game on the SNES but did not own a console until he got an N64. Favorite Games: World of Warcraft, .Hack series and Dynasty Warriors 2

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