The Boys Fans Prepare for the 'Herogasm' Episode This Week

The Boys fans can't wait to watch the Herogasm episode this week.

June 20, 2022

Prime Video premiered the much-awaited Season 3 of The Boys last month, and so far, we’ve received five episodes of the superhero series. The latest season featured so many shocking events that made several fans uncomfortable. In fact, the very first scene of Season 3, which was a parody of Marvel’s Ant-Man, implied that the show has gotten even bolder. However, things will get more outlandish this week because, after a long wait, we are getting the “Herogasm” episode of The Boys.

In The Boys comic books, Herogasm is an annual event where several superheroes at the Vaught take part in an Orgy. Butcher and the rest of the gang sneak into the festival to complete their objective. In this event, we see superheroes like Homelander doing some, well, stuff that makes you hate him even more. The Boy’s “Herogasm” spin-off was published in May 2009, and the controversial chapter got everyone in the community talking. Years after its original release, we are getting a live-action adaptation of Herogasm in Prime Video’s The Boys. The festival would be the focus of the sixth episode of The Boys season 3, which is scheduled to release this Friday, June 24th, 2022.


The official Twitter account of The Boys recently posted a picture to celebrate the upcoming Herogasm episode. “Pleasure to report that unholy week is here. This is the emoji we couldn’t get Twitter to approve,” the social media account tweeted.

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The above tweet started a conversation about the upcoming episode, trending the #Herogasm on Twitter. Several fans stated that they are excited yet terrified to watch the episode, which definitely will be one of the most controversial episodes in television history. Honestly, the way Prime Video is hyping up the Herogasm episode of The Boys is beyond impressive. It’s safe to say that it will undoubtedly be one of the most-watched episodes of the series.

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