The Callisto Protocol Looks Even More Haunting in the Extended Reveal Trailer

The Callisto Protocol Looks Even More Haunting in the Extended Reveal Trailer

A new version of the reveal trailer for The Callisto Protocol shows how disgustingly brutal are the mutated giants.

Glen Schofield’s brand new studio officially revealed its upcoming title by a promising trailer at The Game Awards 2020. The Callisto Protocol seems to have much in common with the Dead Space series, and thanks to the new extended version of the reveal trailer, we get to know more about the brutal setting of this upcoming horror experience.

The new Red Band cinematic trailer showcases how brutally the poor prisoner gets beaten by his mutated friend in the cell, which is a disgustingly horrifying scene. Later in the trailer, it turns out that after being eaten by the mutated creature, the prisoner himself turns into one of those ugly creatures.

If there would be no delays in the release date, The Callisto Protocol is still over a year away from us, at least. Striking Distance Studios didn’t clarified which platforms will be hosting The Callisto Protocol at launch, but it will likely target PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

Recently, a tweet from Striking Distance Studios revealed that The Callisto Protocol is supposed to be one of the most horrifying video game experiences of the history, probably in veins of the Dead Space series. The game follows the strange status of a prison at Jupiter’s dead moon, Callisto.

Striking Distance Studios is one of the development teams operating under the wing of PUBG Corporation. The Callisto Protocol is not the only story-driven single-player project at the home of PUBG. During The Game Awards 2019, Prologue was announced as an upcoming narrative-driven experience that tries to provide a background story to PlayerUnknown’s Battleground.

With Glen Schofield leaving Visceral Games and EA shutting down the studio, it doesn’t seem possible to see the revival of the Dead Space franchise. However, if Striking Distance could reach a commercial success with its new title, maybe EA eventually thinks of revisiting the Dead Space series with a new team of developers.