The Chronicles of Nyanya Gets Multiple Character Reveals and a New Gameplay Trailer

The Chronicles of Nyanya Gets Multiple Character Reveals and a New Gameplay Trailer

Fat Dog Games and Hamstercube's upcoming CRPG The Chronicles of Nyanya shows-off some more pop culture references with its cast of characters.

Fat Dog Games and Hamstercube are beginning to wrap-up the cat RPG epic The Chronicles of Nyanya ahead of its November release date, but there’s still more to reveal about the game before that happens. Today, we got treated to some character reveals and a brand new trailer for the game showcasing its many storylines and some combat.

Of the characters revealed, we learned that the game’s party has been fully stocked with every class that makes for a great and balanced RPG. However, in addition to that, The Chronicles of Nyanya isn’t shy about making the frequent pop culture reference. See if you can spot a few of them over the course of these character descriptions.

Catair “Sharp Claw” Meowchiha is likely the character that has gotten the most attention over the course of the game’s announcements. She is a catssassin from the Order of the Moving Red Dot. She is a high-damage dealing kitty eager to set off on her next adventure.

Then there’s Francat Furzinger, a clericat of the Goddess of the Great Bowl of Goodness. He can cast healing-petting spells, as well as “slipper comets,” but he also has a past. As a Catnam war veteran, he is the team’s leader.

Next is Purrgli son of Purrin, a Catmeria purrior who is known for his moral compass, as well as for being on the cover of “Biceps and Fur” magazine.

Apprentice of Nyandalf the White, we also will be introduced to Meowdedore Voldemeow, a meowmage to the art of wielding the light side of the Yarn Ball of Force. He likes to shoot off spells, especially in front of crowds where he can show-off.

Ever hear of Catniss Everpurr? Well, she’s the party’s archer. She fires her arrows as the champion of the Goddess of Archery: Meowrida the Brave. She has a past the no one knows about… she’s a long-lost princess.

Finally, we have Purrevar Do Meowden, the villain of the story who actually graduated from a place called Ultimate Villain High where he earned his certificate in Nemesis studies. This guy really seems to know his stuff. Now that he’s out of school, he has his eyes set on Francat’s team.

The Chronicles of Nyanya will receive its full release on Steam November 18. For more information on the game, you can visit its Steam page or its Facebook page. Below you can find the most recent trailer.

Interested in seeing more gameplay from The Chronicles of Nyanya? You can find that right here! Back when the game’s release date was originally announced, we also got to see a little more of its story.