The Cinematic Trailer for Risen 2: Dark Waters is Booty-ful!

April 13, 2011

The reveal trailer for Piranha Bytes’ fantasy-action RPG, Risen 2: Dark Waters, has been released and I have only one question to ask: What rock have I been living under to almost bypass this? I know that a cinematic trailer isn’t quite like a gameplay trailer, but if this is the type of stuff that I’ll be seeing constantly while playing through the story then I’m going to freak. The visuals just look so real that I almost want to reach out and pet some pirate hair. That would have most likely gone the wrong way though and would have gotten me shot or stabbed.

The new trailer gives us several glimpses to Risen 2: Dark Waters’ new setting, dark theme, weapons and a special magic type that “you’ll know it when you see.” As of now, there is no release date (and I’m bummed), but do expect to see this available on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Tyler Christensen

Marked until death with the words "Gamer" across my back (literally) with Duck Hunt pistols across my shoulder blades. Tyler enjoys good beer, open-world games and is also a singer/songwriter.

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