The Commodore 64 Gets a Full-Sized Retro Release This December

The Commodore 64 Gets a Full-Sized Retro Release This December

If you're hankering for some good old retro gaming this Christmas, Retro Games Ltd and Koch Media have some exciting news for you

Developed by Retro Games Ltd. and distributed by Koch Media, The Commodore 64 will be making its way to homes across the globe this December 5, 2019. This time, fans of the retro console will get their hands on the full sized version and not the mini that was released on October 9 last year.

The THEC64 comes fully loaded with a working keyboard, updated micro switch classic joystick which plugs into one of the four USB ports available, connects to any modern TV device via HDMI and it’s jammed packed with 64 pre-installed games that include titles like California Games, Paradroid and Boulder Dash; with new additions like Attack of the Mutant Camels, Hover Bovver, Iridis Alpha, Galencia, and Gridrunner that will take you back to 1982 when the home computer turned console that first launched. The Commodore 64 can be switched between modes that make it function like the classic C64, or even its predecessor, the Commodore Vic 20 if you’re really desiring that retro nostalgia.

Paul Andrews, Retro Games’ Managing Director states that “We are delighted to be working with Koch Media once more to bring back even more of the most loved retro games ever on two of the most iconic home computers of all time, and which now has a fully working keyboard. THEC64 full size is a reimagining of the classic C64 computer and the second in a planned series of products on the way.”

The Commodore C64 still ranks as one of the most popular home computers ever sold, shifting roughly 17 million units by today’s estimates.

You can pre-order THEC64 over on the GAME website right now which means, come December 5 when it launches, it’ll make one hell of a Christmas Present. Check out the Commodore 64 trailer below that has that 80’s Stranger Things vibe about it.