The Controller Your Controller Could Play Like: New Peripherals from Splitfish

The Controller Your Controller Could Play Like: New Peripherals from Splitfish


Hello gamers. Look at your DualShock 3. Now look at your mouse and keyboard. Now back at your DualShock 3. Now back to your mouse and keyboard. Sadly, that controller is not a mouse and keyboard. But if you buy the Splitfish FRAGFX Shark, Barracuda or Piranha, it could play like a mouse and keyboard. Look down. Back up. Where are you? You’re on the Splitfish website, considering the purchase of the controller your controller could play like. What’s in your hand? Back to the website. It’s your mouse, which you are now realizing would be a much better way to play shooters on your PlayStation 3 than that silly SIXAXIS.

Look again. THIS POST IS NOW DIAMONDS. Anything is possible when you have a controller that affords you the full precision of a PC mouse and is compatible with your PlayStation 3.

SWAN DIVE past the jump for full specs of the new products from Splitfish.

Features of the FRAGFX Shark include:

  • 1750 DPI Resolution Mouse
  • Full-Feldged PC-feel of the mouse on the PS3
  • Full PC support, either as a gamepad or mouse/keyboard control
  • Brand new wireless technology to 2.4 GHz
  • Fast access to special features (i.e. macro, Rapid-Fire, etc)
  • Easy built-in setup (no more firmware updates required!)
  • New dynamic zone adjust wheel
  • Runs for 50+ hours on a single AA battery
  • That non-mouse part with the analog stick is called a FRAGCHUCK. Seriously.

Splitfish has shipped these things to retail today, and are also available online on Amazon or the Splitfish website.