The Creators of Homeworld Debut New Sci-Fi Game Along With Trailer: Hardware: Shipbreakers

By Masoud House

April 1, 2013

Hardware: Shipbreakers debuted back at the end of 2011; and more than a year later, developer Blackbird Interactive–the creators of the critically acclaimed Homeworld series–have debuted a new trailer, which you can see below.

While motion comics were so overused in the last few years–and seem like a cheap easy way to knock out a video–Hardware‘s carries the weight and tone of the story it’s trying to convey: a game about people venturing to a “graveyard planet” to scavenge whatever treasure of wrecked spaceships they can find… even if that means fighting for it.

Hardware centers around its fictional megacorporation “Long March Industries” (or LMI), and is described by Blackbird below:

Long March Industries (LMI) is a ruthless interstellar megacorporation that owns all rights to LM-27, a mysterious and hostile desert planet littered with the buried wrecks of ancient starships. LMI oversees a galactic gold-rush as prospectors and fortune seekers converge on LM-27 in search of the untold riches buried in its burning sands. In this persistent multiplayer game, players command a fleet of massive vehicles as they explore, salvage and fight for fortune and survival in the world’s first planetary-scale social strategy game.

Not much else is known about the game besides the information above, though if you’ve played Homeworld, you know that Blackbird Interactive–made up of former Relic developers–are good at what they do. You can check out Blackbird’s Hardware website to sign up for the upcoming closed beta, and check out the screenshots below the trailer for a better look at the game.

Hardware is set to release later this year.

[Via Kotaku]



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