November's Vehicle Drop for the Crew 2 Introduces One Car and One Boat

The Crew 2 gets two new vehicles this month.

There are two new vehicles arriving to The Crew 2 starting next week, although season pass holders get them today.

Back in June, before The Crew 2 launched, the season pass was announced. It was then that Ubisoft stated that the car racing title would gain major content updates every three months for free, and every month two vehicles will be added to the game. We’ve seen the Gator Rush update land, which introduced a hovercraft back in September and we’ve also seen the August vehicle drop trailer.

It’s November now, and there’s a new trailer that has landed that introduces a new car to the game, and a new boat. The car we see in the trailer is the 2017 Audi RS3 LMS, which looks curvy and flashy as heck. The boat is a 2018 Aeroboat – VS12 and looks…as the name kind of suggests, aerodynamic and speedy.

You can see them in action in the below trailer. As for when you can get behind the wheels, those who own the season pass can jump in right now. Those without the season pass will get to drive them starting from November 28.

If you’re interested in the title and want to grab it, you can do so on Amazon. The Crew 2 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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