The Cutest War Ever, TinyMob Announces New RPG Title Tiny Realms

on April 11, 2014 9:45 AM

Canadian studio TinyMob Games unveiled their upcoming title, Tiny Realms, today.

A fantasy, real-time strategy game for iPad and iPhone the story is set in a colorful world inhabited by a series of diminutive warlike races, hellbent on each others destruction. In a world quite literally split apart by evil, prepare yourself for the most adorable war ever.

They might as well ride into battle on kittens.

“We’re very proud of depth and quality of the gameplay we have created,” said TinyMob’s CEO Alex Mendelev, in a press release. “It’s combining the very best elements of real time strategy with complete accessibility for a range of mobile gamers.”

TinyMob made sure to accompany the announcement with a trailer and screenshots.

The game will be shown further at PAX East and will be released in the spring.