The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope Reveal Trailer is Full of Terror

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Little Hope takes you to the historic site of murderous witch trials for the second installment in Supermassive's horror series.

Last year, Supermassive Games kicked off The Dark Pictures Anthology with Man of Medan. While not as well-received as their previous horror game Until Dawn, Man of Medan was still a mostly fun romp through a derelict ship filled with its fair share of spooks. Frankly, the game’s biggest problems were largely technical. After all, Supermassive has proven they have a knack for horrific story-telling. So there is a little hope that the next installment in The Dark Pictures Anthology can build on the last game and deliver a terrifyingly great experience. Today, Supermassive dropped a new reveal trailer that gives you a great look at what’s coming when Little Hope drops this summer. Give it a watch.

Little Hope features a completely new setting and cast. So, there’s an entirely new group of people for you to accidentally murder when you miss a QTE. This time out, you’re in a small town that served as a hotbed for historic witch trials. Will all the pain and death suffered in the town’s past come forward to haunt you in the present? The answer is undoubtedly yes. Absolutely yes. Will it actually be the ghost of murdered women coming back to spook you? That’s a bit more up in the air.

The Dark Pictures has had some fun playing with whether or not the scares are supernatural or not. You have to assume Little Hope will do the same. It will also be interesting to see if any characters or choices from Man of Medan carry over. I think only one person survived my boat massacre, but I’d love to see them make a comeback. That said, if the only crossover between releases is the spooky Curator, that also works for me.

Fortunately, we don’t have to wait too long to find out. The Dark  Pictures Anthology: Little Hope releases on PC, PS4, and Xbox One this summer.

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