The Darkside Detective Season 2 Sees Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

The Darkside Detective Season 2 Sees Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

Darkside Detective could see a second season through an upcoming Kickstarter campaign by Irish indie studio Spooky Doorway.

Spooky Doorway, the people behind the award-winning The Darkside Detective are gearing up for a  second season.

Announced yesterday through the game’s official developer blog, a Kickstarter campaign will be launching early next month to bring the season to life. Although there is currently no word on how many cases the season will consist of.

The Darkside Detective originally launched on PC, Linux, and Mac in the summer of 2017. The point and click adventure saw a great deal of praise upon release and also picked up two Aggie Awards. The hilarious comedy focuses on Detective McQueen and Officer Dooley of the Darkside Division of Twin Lake’s police force as they discover all manner of paranormal goings-on around the city including ghost trains, zombies, and the squabbling spirits of H.P. Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Initially launching with six cases, the game was followed by three additional cases to complete the first season.

The Darkside Detective’s faceless heroes and all their previous supernatural shenanigans can be picked up now on PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.