The Day Before Looks Haunting and Incredibly Realistic in Its Announcement Trailer

The Day Before Looks Haunting and Incredibly Realistic in Its Announcement Trailer

The Last of Us meets The Division with 9th-gen visuals in Fntastic's brand new MMO called The Day Before.

Even if you are not a fan of MMO games, The Day Before will probably seem like a tempting opportunity for dipping your toes into a post-pandemic America where zombies are gradually dominating every corner of the country.

Officially announced with an impressive gameplay footage, The Day Before brings a realistic post-outbreak world to life where you should thank god for every minute that you are still alive. While the developers hasn’t mentioned yet which part of the US the game is set on, but the look of the city will probably remind you of The Division. However, the surviving part and horde of zombies make it look like The Last of Us series, but at the end of the day, The Day Before is an MMO where every player has its own story.

You can team up with your friends and explore a big city where its only residents are zombies and survivalists like you. The exploring mechanics might remind you of Escapre From Tarkov as it takes a couple of seconds for the character to search and pick up items from a car or a stash. The animations, textures, and lighting are probably the game’s most impressive parts when it comes to the visuals.

It’s yet to be revealed when the game is supposed to launch and how big its world is, but the only thing we know so far is that the game targets a PC release on Steam for the time being. According to the official Steam page of the game, players in The Day Before will have access to snowy and frozen locations out of the city where they can build a new home for themselves or look for some loots from other survivalist groups.

Before starting its work on The Day Before, Fntastic has already developed The Wild Eight and Radiant One. The former is a top-down survival action-adventure, while the latter is a story-driven adventure title with gorgeous art design.