The Delta Six Might Change the We Play Shooters in This Teaser Trailer

on October 20, 2013 6:46 PM

David Kotkin, designer of the popular DEF-CON F4 Avenger controller for Xbox 360, has released a teaser trailer for the upcoming Delta Six motion controller. The Delta Six is an open-source gaming gun compatible with Xbox 360, PS3, PC and the next generation of consoles.

What sets the Delta Six apart from your typical gun controller is that it uses an IR sensor to track gun movements along with being able to do other things like;
– Allow real recoil
-Tapping the magazine will reload your gun
-IR sensor will trigger zoom by looking down the barrel
-Moving the stock will trigger a melee

You can pre-order your Delta Six by checking out their website. It’ll cost you $265 and will ship sometime this holiday season.

This older video actaully shows the controller in action right around when David Kotkin hit his Kickstarter goal.

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