The Developers of The Order: 1886 Want You to do Your Own Research When You Finish

The Developers of The Order: 1886 Want You to do Your Own Research When You Finish

The Order: 1886 is less than two weeks away and I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ve been dreaming of Galahad’s impressive mustache for far too long, I need to see that damn thing in action.

Thankfully the wait is almost over, but even when you’ve finished playing the game there’s going to be more to do, though it wont necessarily involve a DualShock 4 controller. Think Wikipedia and dirty old library books.

Speaking on the PlayStation Blogcast, The Order: 1886‘s game director Dana Jan spoke about how history is such a rich tapestry and that it’s great for gaming as it allows players to play the game, enjoy the game then go off and do their own research on the matter.

That’s one of the most alluring parts of building a franchise that is historically based, is like there’s just the details, the amount of information about what happened, the events, the characters, the people who were really influential on the world, the places where all these things took place.

The self confessed history geek also acknowledges that although he didn’t excel at the subject in school, he does find it to be an interesting subject that more people should be involved in.

The world as we know it is so rich and I think it’s a shame that a lot of people maybe don’t know a lot about it because people like myself who didn’t excel necessarily at history, but this game gives us an opportunity to actually like, throw people into a world that is of a different time and expose them to both fact and fiction and let them kind of digest it and if they’re excited about it maybe they go and read up more about it and see like, where did we bend the truth and where did we stick to it? What’s reality? I think that’s really fun for us to play with.

If you’re a history buff like myself then you’ll probably have as much fun researching the time period and characters as you would playing it.