The Division Will Receive Three Expansions and Free Content Post-Launch

The Division Will Receive Three Expansions and Free Content Post-Launch

While there is a ton of excitement surrounding The Division, many are worried about what Ubisoft will bring to the game post-launch. To answer questions, Ubisoft took to the UbiBlog and detailed a rough outline of what players can expect. In short, expect three paid expansions as well as a handful of free content to fill out the late-game schedule.

The first expansion, titled “Underground,” allows groups of players to scavenge the “underworld” of New York City — an educated guess would hint at the missions involving the New York Subway system. Meanwhile, the second expansion (“Survival”) includes “a hostile environment that will challenge even the most hardcore Division players.” The third major expansion is titled “Last Stand” … and that is all that is known about it, even on Ubisoft’s end.

Like most major gaming DLC pay structures, The Division will have a Season Pass for those looking to commit on Day 1. However, if you choose to pick up the Season Pass, Ubisoft is throwing in an exclusive sawed-off shotgun, outfits, and weapons skins as a small perk. Not only that, but Season Pass holders will get exclusive events and content drops to make it worth their while. While Ubisoft hasn’t formally outlined the price of the Season Pass, the Gold Edition of the game (which includes the Season Pass) is around $99 — a best estimate would say expect something in the $40 range.

Finally, players can expect free updates — regardless of whether you hold a Season Pass — throughout the year. These updates will hopefully be substantial, as Ubisoft lists new game modes and cooperative challenges under this category.

The Division is set to release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One beginning March 8, 2016. Those who have preordered the game will be able to participate the open beta beginning today on Xbox One, and tomorrow on all other platforms. For those interested on catching DualShockers first impressions, tune in tonight — 6 – 9 PM ET — at!