The Division: Year 2 Content Will Be Free to All Players; One-Year Anniversary Gifts Now Live

The Division: Year 2 Content Will Be Free to All Players; One-Year Anniversary Gifts Now Live

Ubisoft detailed the next chapter of The Division with the reveal that its Year 2 content will be free, while also celebrating the game's first anniversary.

One year ago, players were introduced to the post-apocalyptic version of New York City seen in Ubisoft’s The Division, and while the first year of the game introduced new content and areas through expansions, the next year will add even more for players to enjoy, and for free.

In a blog post, Ubisoft detailed the next chapter of The Division – called “Year 2” – for its upcoming expansions and add-ons. Specifically, the biggest change from the previous year of expansions and DLC is that all of the Year 2 content moving forward will be free to all players of The Division.

The game’s creative director Julian Gerighty said in a statement that “the one-year anniversary is a celebration of everything we’ve done in the first year” since The Division‘s release, and added “but we also want to turn ahead and look at Year 2 and how we’re going to support the game for everyone, for free.”

The Year 2 content will consist of two new expansions coming later this year. The first expansion (currently unnamed) will be based “on an event system that drives players to activities that feature modifiers, leaderboards, and unique vanity items that will only be available through these activities. The expansion will also introduce a loadout feature for players to switch between different combinations of items and gear quickly and efficiently, and will also provide a system to mark players’ feats and accomplishments.

The second expansion had less firm details about what it will offer, but Gerighty hinted that it will be “more content-focused,” but won’t necessarily include new story missions or a new campaign. Gerighty explained that “story missions are tricky, but that doesn’t mean we won’t have narrative content.” He also stated that “we can’t really deliver story missions that will fit into the RPG aspects of the game in a simple way. So we’re not going to be doing the classic main mission type of thing, but narrative content is something that we are definitely looking at” – hinting that the expansion will include narrative content in some other capacity than a new story or full-on campaign.

Gerighty’s other comments explained on the Year 2 content that they will “[put a twist] on how people played the game before and reignite their engagement with the content.” He also added that while Ubisoft Massive announced its newly-revealed Avatar project inspired by the 2009 film, Gerighty assured that The Division‘s expansion and development won’t be affected, as the team at Ubisoft Massive is “growing incredibly fast” with “hundreds of dedicated developers working on Year One and Year Two” content for The Division.

Aside from the upcoming content in Year 2, Ubisoft is also celebrating the one year anniversary of The Division‘s release this week with a variety of in-game gifts and bonuses that players can grab when logging into the game. From March 9-16, players of The Division on all platforms can unlock 200 premium credits and a celebration emote, while from March 9-11, players will also earn a 2X multiplier for high-value target rewards. On March 11, a 2X bonus multiplier will also be in effect on field proficiency caches that players encounter.

The Division is available now for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.