The “Dork Factor” Needs to Be Overcome for VR to Take off, Says EA COO Peter Moore

on July 1, 2014 6:49 AM

The “dorky” look of VR devices may hold the technology back as a consumer device, EA’s COO Peter Moore has said.

Speaking to Game Industry, he lauded the incredible technology going into devices like the Morpheus and Oculus.

These things done right, commercialized so they can be truly a consumer device with plenty of innovative content to go with it, feel like a blast.

However, he noted that despite the technology, public perception could harm uptake by consumers.

You hope it doesn’t get what I’ll call the Segway effect: incredible technology that kinda looks dorky. Or the Google Glass effect, which is the dork factor that goes with that. And that’s what we have to overcome, because I think the tech is great.