The Dwarves Gets New Character Trailer Spotlighting Bavragor

on December 16, 2016 8:08 AM

The Dwarves is already out, but that’s not stopping developer KING Art Games and publisher THQ Nordic from releasing another new character spotlight trailer for their tactical fantasy RPG. So who are we meeting today? Well everyone’s favorite, slightly drunk, dwarf blacksmith: Bavragor

The following description accompanies the character:

Please meet Bavragor, mason, drinker, the most stubborn and probably strongest fighter in Tungdil’s crew. Bavragor wields a mighty hammer, that can literally shatter the ground and make his enemies crumble into soil. While dealing a lot of damage by himself, he is also able to take many blows. Even if he gets hurt, his special constitution guarantees, he will be combat ready for the next fight – so you can always rely on Bavragor.

This is the fifth character spotlight trailer released so far: you can watch the previous four hereherehere, and boom, here.

As someone who played, and reviewedThe Dwarves, I know my fair share about Bavragor. Kind of unoriginal in design, Bavragor was still one of my favorite characters, and easily one of the strongest, most devastating, and vital companions in the game.

The Dwarves is out physically and digitally for PS4, Xbox One, and PC at the price of $39.99 USD. Below, you can check out the new trailer:

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