The Eagle Eye Has Landed For the PlayStation 3

The Eagle Eye Has Landed For the PlayStation 3


This year’s E3 was huge. We were able to check out a lot of the intense new titles that are headed our way within the upcoming months. During E3, Penguin United had introduced to us the Eagle Eye Converter, which had gotten gamers and industry insiders foaming at the mouth. The Eagle Eye converts any standard USB HID keyboard and mouse into a turbo-charged controller for the PlayStation 3 console, providing a customized key mapping feature for all PS3 controller buttons that transfers the command data to your keyboard and mouse.

The Eagle Eye Converter is priced at $59.99 and is available now through Penguin’s website, which you can find HERE, as well as Amazon and other select retailers.

Get ready to start playing your FPS games a little differently…

Take a look after the break for more details on the Eagle Eye Converter.Product Highlights:

  • Converts any standard USB HID keyboard and mouse into a PlayStation 3 controller
  • Adjust Mouse sensitivity through the game’s option menu
  • 1 to 1 translation from the PS3 right analog stick to the mouse movement for an ultra accurate aim in FPS
  • Maps out all PS3 buttons and left analog stick via included software to customize your control. Right analog stick defaults to mouse movement
  • Compatible with all PS3 games
  • USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse inputs
  • 13ft. USB cable connects to PS3
  • Turbo option for X, triangle, sqaure, circle, L1, L2, R1 and R2 buttons
  • Programmable Macro functions to turn any single key into a combination of moves
  • Compatible with all PS3 console version, future proff with firmware updates
  • Quick, easy setup in less than 1 minute with included software
  • System Requirement: Windows XP or later; 512MB RAM; 2MB free hard drive space; 4x CD-ROM drive