The Elder Scrolls Online Adds Dragonstar Arena and More in Update 4

September 16, 2014

ZeniMax Online Studios has unleashed Update 4 on both the North American and European megaserver for The Elder Scrolls Online.  The roads to Upper Craglorn are open, giving way to new quests, activities and various monstrosities for players to vanquish.

A new Trial, Sanctum Ophidia, has been added and allows users to fight in the heart of the Scaled Court in an attempt to slay the Celestial Serpent. Kill it and there is plenty of sweet, sweet loot promised for you and your allies.

On top of this is the new Dragonstar Arena, an entirely new type of challenge is designed for four players to tackle. Waves of dangerous enemies and hazardous conditions will be thrown against you across ten arenas in both Normal and Veteran Mode, leaving plenty of challenges for everyone.

The update comes with a slew of bug fixes, a new crafting trait, expanded delves (small solo dungeons), improvements to grouping and tons more. You can read the full patch notes here.

The Elder Scrolls Online launched in April for PC and is planned to launch at some point in the near future for PS4 and Xbox One.

Andrew Matt

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