The Elder Scrolls Online Developers Blog Addresses Gold Farming and Negative Reviews

The Elder Scrolls Online Developers Blog Addresses Gold Farming and Negative Reviews

In today’s week four developers blog, Matt Firor, Game Director for The Elder Scrolls Online, takes some time to address upcoming patch notes, gold farming, botting, and weighs in on the negative reviews the MMO has received since launch.

Right away, the gold farming and botting is mentioned as it seems to be a major issue to many players.

We’re working every day to reduce gold farming and botting, which detract from the gameplay experience for everyone. You may have seen Customer Support GMs in the game over the last week actively banning bots in dungeons

There are attempts being made to fix bugs as they come up including the quest blockers, NPC guilds, and main story quests. In Update 1, there will be general animation, combat, content, and class ability tweaks as well as a new Adventure Zone called Craglorn made specifically for Veteran Rank 1 groups and above. There will also be 12-player raids called Trails added to the game.

In regards to the negative reviews, Firor says:

As those who follow ESO closely know, a wide range of reviews have been posted for the game, with scores ranging from 90s to 50s. ESO generates strong emotions in gamers—both positive and negative.

The true measure of ESO is what players in the game think.

To bring a more positive experience to players, there will be more community programs that will encourage players to share their characters, stories, and screenshots as well as a list of eventual updates that seem to be geared closer towards fans of the offline The Elder Scrolls games including Thieves and Dark Brotherhood storyline quests, crafting improvements, armor dyeing, field of view adjustments, and even a justice system for stealing from and/or killing NPCs.

Lastly, an extra five days will be given to players who are using their first free 30 days from purchasing the game for being forced to miss playing time as the megaservers shutdown to fix major launch issues.