The Elder Scrolls Online Is Prepping for Another Round of Updates

The Elder Scrolls Online Is Prepping for Another Round of Updates

In the previous update for The Elder Scrolls Online, Craglorn was added as well as a bunch of other fixes trying to bounce back from a not-so-graceful official launch. In the latest announcement, changes to the next major patch have been detailed along with a few problems that are part of the current ongoing maintenance.

Class balance is at the top of the priority list as Dragonknights are officially considered to still be overpowered while Nightblades are noticeably falling behind. Ultimate spamming is also still a problem in PvP, but is currently being addressed. The EU megaserver will also be moved to their own dedicated datacenter by this summer as well.

On the PTS, Update 2 is now available with the patch going live on June 23. New content to be added will include:

  • Crypt of Hearts, a new Veteran Dungeon for Rank 12 players.
  • A Field of View slider that will allow you to change your FOV while in first-person mode.
  • Increased object interaction that will allow you to pick up and equip weapons found on the ground.

There will also be a various other fixes including improved interior lighting, Solo vs Group content warnings to lessen the confusion, new daily quests, additional cinematic sounds, and better combat tips with proper key reflection for customized interfaces.

Update 3 is set to be released sometime in July with better itemization for level 50 characters. The biggest news, however, seems that you’ll be able to eventually dye your armor. Take a look at the upcoming dungeon in the new developer play session video and see the dye system interface teaser screenshot below.

TESO Update 3