The End of the Sun Game Trailer Is an Atmospheric Experience into the Slavic World

The End of the Sun Team warmly announce their first-person exploration and adventure game which is planned for release sometime in 2019

The end of the sun team, who are based in Poland, has welcomed into the gaming universe their beautiful adventure game poetically named The End of the Sun. In the trailer, we witness footage of the inside of a wooden home, all created with the 3D game engine, and then a swooping scope of the outside and nearby locations, with its lush greens and dynamic weather giving it a truly atmospheric feel.

The End of the Sun is a first-person exploration and adventure game, where the emphasis is on the storytelling as it’s most important feature, while set in the world of Slavic rites, beliefs, legends, and their everyday life. The player gets to experience how people live in this small village and the thin line between myth and reality as it begins to fade severely.

The End of the Sun is inspired by Slavic mythology and legends and presents the events occurring during the four major Slavic festivals (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter), recreating mystical events, culture and people’s habits in an unusual way and with unorthodox riddles to solve.

Features within The End of the Sun:

  • Ethnographic museums scanned via photogrammetry – To get top-class graphics, we visited ethnographic museums where we scanned hundreds of objects and entire buildings, so you can admire them in the game the way they actually are. We also scanned the elements of the natural environment in order to get the most European Slavonic climate possible.
  • Travel in time – teleport between four periods far away from each other by many years, set in four main seasons (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter). Get to know the stories of the same heroes at different stages of their lives.
  • A dynamic world, weather conditions, lighting – the time of day, weather and lighting change smoothly and dynamically within one day in front of your eyes as you discover other parts of the mystery.
  • Consequences of time traveling – certain elements of history and the world around you will open up to you only when you set the paths of fate and influence the future. Events from the past have an impact on the future.
  • Slavic World, its culture, and daily activities – While experiencing the story, you will be able to enjoy not only the immersive history but also look at the long-forgotten everyday activities and objects that are no longer used today.
  • – Travel between the homesteads and surroundings of the village, finding out the details of the mystery that lies somewhere there.
  • Non-linear and engaging story – You can experience particular immersive stories at your own pace and at the moment you feel like it.

The End of the Sun will release in 2019 on PC with an estimated price of $19.99, but I’m secretly hoping they will widen this to other platforms too as it truly looks to be a wonderful game that cries out to be shared by all.

See below for The End of the Sun teaser trailer and also some beautiful screenshots:

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