The ESRB Details Record of Agarest War Zero, Leaves Nothing to the Imagination

The ESRB Details Record of Agarest War Zero, Leaves Nothing to the Imagination


While the previous game, Record of Agarest War, was marketed with some pretty steamy trailers and box art, the latest title in the franchise, Record of Agarest War Zero, seems to lighten up on that a bit. It has received a Teen rating from the ESRB, like the first one. In fact, reading the ESRB description for the game, you would think it was your standard strategy RPG. Hit the break for your favorite part of the description (you know it is, don’t try to hide it).

It gets to the interesting stuff eventually, then a light bulb rages to life above your head and you realize, “Yep, this is still a Record of Agarest War title.” See, like so…

The game depicts several female characters whose breasts/buttocks are partially obscured by towels, hot-spring mist, blankets, and skimpy costumes. These still-frame images also depict female characters holding each other provocatively or engaging in suggestive/sexual dialogue (e.g., ‘I’ll teach you how to please a man’ and ‘[W]hy are you touching me?!’/’Not . . . there . . . Ooooohhh! Please, go easy on me!’). In one extended sequence, female characters in a hot spring compare each others’ bust sizes (e.g.,’She is a grown woman now,’ ‘Such courage, to so brazenly flout the laws of gravity’ and ‘Yours are just as large, Mimel!’).

Still, as mentioned, the game is rated T for Teen, and also includes a Move-enabled massage mini-game. Who can pass that up? The game will hit the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on June 14, 2011, courtesy of Aksys Games.