The Evil Within’s ESRB Rating Describes Some Really Gruesome Scenes

The Evil Within’s ESRB Rating Describes Some Really Gruesome Scenes

The Evil Within is a bloody game, and today the ESRB published its quite obviously Mature rating with an appropriately bloody description, that depict some really gruesome scenes.

Beware of mild spoilers below:

This is a survival-horror action game in which players assume the role of a police detective investigating murders at an insane asylum. As players investigate and explore the mysterious environments, they use knives, pistols, shotguns, and explosives to kill human-like creatures and monsters. The frenetic combat is accompanied by screams of pain and realistic gunfire. Some attacks result in impalement and dismemberment/decapitation, with large blood-splatter effects; some environments also depict blood-splattered floors and mutilated bodies with exposed organs/viscera. Cutscenes also depict intense acts of violence: a flashback of children being burned alive; a character decapitated by a guillotine; a man set ablaze while bound to a chair. The words “f**k” and “sh*t” can be heard in the dialogue.

The descriptors are Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Strong Language

Looks like the good folks at Tango are pushing all the way on the horror element. One thing is for sure: The Evil Within is probably not going to be very suitable to those with a weak stomach.

I have a hands-on session just after lunchtime at Gamescom. Maybe I should just skip lunch that day…