The Falconeer Swoops Its Way Into Closed Beta on PC

The Falconeer is getting a close beta and continues to impress with its brand of open-air dogfights. Sign up now if you want a chance at the closed beta.

The Falconeer is an upcoming “open-world air combat game” from publisher Wired Productions. In the game, you play as a pilot of your very own warbird. As you take to the skies, expect intense dogfights, and a focus on exploration. The game is set to launch later this year, but you might be able to hop in early. Wired Productions is taking recruits for a new closed beta on PC. Check out the announcement trailer below.

The Falconeer looks like it will scratch that itch for players looking to engage in high-altitude dogfights. The open-air combat looks solid from the footage they’ve released thus far. The devs are aiming to make combat “fast, brutal, and devastating.” That’s music to my ears.

On top of the combat, the game boasts a big world to explore. You’ll find remnants of an ancient civilization and it sounds like you can even take your warbird below the sea. They’re also promising several playable campaigns to work your way through, alongside various factions to support.

Obviously, we’ll have to wait to see how well the game capitalizes on everything they’re promising. That said, Tomas Sala, the developer behind the game, also put out a very well-regarded Skyrim mod. So, I won’t be surprised if we get another solid tale to dive into with this game.

The Falconeer doesn’t yet have a firm release date. But, if you want to sign up for the closed beta, you can do so at their Discord. When it does launch, the game will come to PC and Xbox Series X.

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