The First Two Owners of a PS4 Outside the Industry Are from Dubai

The First Two Owners of a PS4 Outside the Industry Are from Dubai

Quite a few industry professionals have a PS4 by now, or at least a dev kit, but what about normal dudes like you and me? Looks like the first two PS4 consoles have found a warm home, literally warm, as it happened in the Middle East, and more precisely in Dubai.

As part of a contest during Game 13 Expo in Dubai, two lucky guys named Hamad Al Hai and Naji Riyadh got their hands on the console early, receiving it directly from SCEE President and CEO Jim Ryan, as you can check out from the grainy pictures below.

To be fair, we don’t know if they received the actual consoles or just empty boxes, with a promised delivery at launch. Lucky them? That’s for sure. Unfortunately whether they received the console or not, it doesn’t seem that they received any games with them, so it looks like they won’t be able to do much with them, at least for now.

Update: the post has been edited to remove an inaccuracy, as we don’t really know if the boxes actually have the consoles inside. If they don’t, it’d be the ultimate tease for sure. That said, Al Hai and Riyadh are still the first two confirmed owners of a PS4, whether they already have it hooked to their TV or not, as no winners for the Taco Bell contest (that offers the console before launch as well) have been announced yet.