The Forest December 2018 Update Includes Gliders and Terrifying Monsters

The Forest's December update will come on the 10th and while little description was given from End Night Games there is a trailer showing off what's coming.

End Night Games has quietly released a trailer for The Forest‘s December 2018 update and its features.

The only description we get from developer End Night Games is:

Hey Everyone,

Our new update for The Forest will release December 10, on both PC and PS4.

We’ve put together a trailer showcasing some of the new features. Check it out below.

In the trailer you see the following:

A wooden woman, dog, and car, presumably the characters way of recreating the idyllic life of civilization. Underwater exploration helped by a breather of some sort, ending with an underwater cave. Gliders that allow you to fly over the landscape. What I presume are some sort of bombs being thrown at monsters. The highlight appears to be these creepy tripod monsters who can swing their long limbs around to attack players. Their not quite as tall as the iconic Striders from Half-Life but appear to be entirely made of flesh which is just unsettling. The last monster shown is a tower of these shifting bags of flesh that are individual things that shouldn’t exist but when altogether are just even worse.

Reactions to the trailer across Twitter, Steam, and YouTube appear to be generally positive with the usual general fan complaints of its new elements making the game worse and “why aren’t you focusing on X instead of Y.” The update will come on Monday, December 10, 2018 for both PC and PlayStation 4. This survival game appears to be quite popular despite the scares it holds, as its sold over 5 million copies since its original Steam release in 2014 and was only recently released on PlayStation 4. No patch notes are currently available to further detail what is shown in the trailer, so you will simply have to watch the video below to get a good sense of what is coming to the game soon.

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