The Forest Has an Official PC Release Date After Four Years of Early Access

The Forest Has an Official PC Release Date After Four Years of Early Access

Popular early access title The Forest will officially be dropping version 1.0 for PC on April 30 for $19.99, after four years in early access.

After four years in development and early access, popular PC title The Forest has set a definitive release date of April 30, 2018. Long-time early access fans of the series will be happy to see how far the game has come along in its development cycle and to get a chance at having their hands on the full release.

Currently, The Forest is on Version 0.73, focusing on bug-fixes as Endnight Games approaches the official release of the game. The early access price point of $14.99 is going to be raised to $19.99 on Version 1.0’s release. Plans for VR support also appear to be in the works, but details about the game’s VR mode won’t be revealed until a little closer to release.

For those who aren’t familiar, The Forest is a slasher-survival title in which players survive a plane crash only to find themselves in the middle of a forest. As night approaches, it becomes clear that you are not alone in this world, and the terrifying zombies and many-legged monstrosities seek to end your existence in their woods. The monsters add a tinge of horror to the survival elements of the game and are an ever-present threat, always looming just around the corner.

The game features extensive resource gathering, ranging from wood chopping to fish spearing and everything in between. Players are tasked with building shelter and securing safety in this harsh environment, all while trying to find their way out. The game also features multiplayer and will be coming to the PS4.

Look forward to The Forest exiting early access on April 20, 2018. The game will be priced at $19.99 upon full release and will be available on PC. There are plans for a PS4 release, but there is no word on an official date for that version of the game just yet. And, of course, you can still grab the game now via Humble Bundle in Early Access at 25% off the “release day” price.

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