Standalone Version of Award-Winning Skyrim Mod The Forgotten City Delayed until Winter 2020

Standalone Version of Award-Winning Skyrim Mod The Forgotten City Delayed until Winter 2020

The award-winning Skyrim mod The Forgotten City is getting its own standalone game and is looking to launch next year. 

Dear Villagers yesterday announced that they’re going to be publishing The Forgotten City. The game, developed by Modern Storyteller, is an RPG set in ancient Rome in a secret underground city where 26 lost souls live in fear of a “Golden Rule”. The rule ensures that is one person sins the rest will suffer. Players take control of a protagonist who is, in fact, a time-traveler. Player’s will uncover secrets that change the course of the day as they’re stuck in a time loop.

The Forgotten City is the standalone version of the Skyrim mod that became the first mod in history to win a national Writers’ Guild award for its script. The mod itself offered 6-8 hours of gameplay and racked up over 2.5 million downloads.

Its arrival as a standalone title introduces the open-world Roman city which has been created using the Unreal Engine. It comes with interactive characters, moral choices, multiple endings, and allows players to create their own character. Players can also utilize ways to solve problems with reason, charm, bribery, stealth, intimidation, or by toying around with the time loop.

The trailer, which you can watch above, shows the graphical difference from the mod version, bearing in mind the mod was obviously running on the Skyrim engine. The use of the Unreal Engine shows The Forgotten City in a new light with deeper shadows, a higher-quality atmosphere, and detailed character models.

The game apparently keeps all of the elements fans of mod enjoyed and allows them to level up “every aspect” as well as being able to wander through a brand new city. There are new puzzles to solve and a new soundtrack alongside professional voice acting.

Nick Pearce, creator of The Forgotten City uploaded a video to announce the partnership with Dear Villagers. He explains that the studio now has the support to make the game that it has always wanted to make. However, he does explain that the game is now being delayed to next year as a result. He details that the game for the last three years has been created with a core team of two people.

The studio has plans to expand the team and has already introduced new members. Joining Modern Storyteller is an environment artist working on building the city. A costume designer and animator has joined and will be making the characters of the world come to life as well as introducing various characters such as priestesses, gladiators, legionnaires politicians, and assassins. Also joining the team is a sound designer and UI specialist who will be making the game intuitive and from the looks of it, creating subtitles!

There’s also a new community manager, Lex who will be in charge of teasing the game and releasing news and sneak peaks at the game. Pearce teases that there’s a special consultant still to be announced.

The Forgotten City is currently slated for release on PC and Xbox One and is to arrive sometime in Winter 2020.