South Park: The Fractured But Whole's Full Trophy List Has Been Revealed [SPOILERS]

Ubisoft's upcoming RPG South Park: The Fractured But Whole's full list of Trophies has been revealed weeks before the game's official launch.

With South Park: The Fractured But Whole‘s official release date slowly creeping onto our calendars, players can now begin to plan for taking on the game’s many Trophies that will be up for grabs.

Over at PSNProfiles, the site detailed the entire list of trophies included in the game, including the rarity of each trophy. According to the list, in South Park: The Fractured But Whole a total of 36 awards are unlockable (including the Platinum trophy); unlocking all the trophies accumulates to approximately 1,185 points. Included in the mix are a variety of challenges such as collecting ten costumes, finding all Yaoi art pieces, defeating Morgan Freeman in combat (I kid you not, there is a trophy for that), using one summon, and acquiring all the summons available.

Here’s the full list of Trophies that will be offered for the title, including the value of each one:




More Powerful Than You ThinkComplete all trophies in South Park: The Fractured But WholePlatinum
Crappin’ ForteUse every available toilet in South Park and achieve the highest mastery level for eachBronze
Boy love AficionadoFind all Yaoi art piecesGold
An End to RacismStop racism in South ParkBronze
Orgy of PowerUse all Allies’ Ultimate powers once during the game, except the Coon’sBronze
Stop, Drop and RollWin a combat by using TimeFart Pause to kill all remaining enemies at once before time resumesBronze
The Token ExperienceCreate a Black character and complete the game on Mastermind DifficultyGold
Fully BloatedUnlock all combat TimeFartsSilver
FasionistaFind 10 costume piecesBronze
JunksmithCraft 10 distinct recipesSilver
Death DodgerKeep an Ally alive for an entire combat while they take twice their max Health in damageSilver
Deep Seated PowerObtain and equip Artifacts to reach 600 MightGold
Class WarfareEquip powers from two different classesBronze
Farts over FrecklesPick a fight with Morgan Freeman and defeat himSilver
Toxic EnvironmentLoot 100 Biohazard itemsBronze
Pasta ProphetsCraft a macaroni picture for MosesBronze
Corporate WolfReach the highest economic value on your Character SheetBronze
#followbacksBecome mutual followers with 10 people in South ParkSilver
Divine WindSuccessfully Fartkour to the Lofts at SoDoSoPa rooftop and back down againBronze
Las Kid StandingWin while 3 Allies are downed at the end of combatSilver
TitleistReach the highest rank on 1 title in your Character SheetBronze
Cosplay CuriousWear costume pieces from 3 different sets at onceSilver
Chaos ControlledFoil the plans of Professor ChaosBronze
Call in a FavorUse a SummonBronze
Invasive Tumor RemovalDefeat Mutant Cousin KyleBronze
Master ClassedEquip powers from 4 different classesBronze
Epic ArtificerCraft an Artifact with a Might value of 75 or moreBronze
Glitch of DeathUse TimeFart Glitch to cause a status-effected enemy to lose their turn and die at turn’s endSilver
Through the Bowels of TimeSurvive the farts of future pastSilver
Diabetes DefenderDefend a helpless child from a drunk lunaticBronze
Big KnockerKill an enemy by knock another enemy into themSilver
Character Sheet EliteReach the highest rank on 5 titles in your Character SheetGold
Master ManipulatorConfuse of charm an enemy into defeating another enemySilver
Friend FinderAcquire and unlock all SummonsSilver
Potty TrainedUse a toilet and achieve the highest mastery levelBronze
Pick yourself up by Your BootstrapsCollect all loot in the Homeless Camp at SoDoSoPaBronze

If you would like more information on the game, you can check out a new trailer celebrating the game going gold, another trailer, which focuses on the different factions you’ll be able to join during the game. PC specifications required to run the game, 11 minutes of raw gameplay footage, and gameplay footage featuring commentary by the game’s director Jason Schroeder, and associate producer Kimberly Weigend.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole is set to be released on October 17 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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