The Future of DLC Scares Me

The Future of DLC Scares Me


Game prices go down, but downloadable content prices stay the same. There are currently games that have DLC at half the price of the main game. A used copy of Halo 3 at GameStop is $19.99. The three map packs in total is approximately priced at… $28. That is… ridiculous. I know it’s three downloads, but these packs have remained the same price since the day they released. I guess since downloadable content is digital, they really don’t have the need to get rid of a stockpile of discs. But in the end, we gamers (you know, usually people who are kinda broke) lose.


A used copy of Assassin’s Creed for Xbox 360 is $14.99. The Xbox Live marketplace has the game priced at $29.99, that’s double the price! The downloadable version does not seem to have budged in price since it release August 6, 2009. Imagine when everything is digital? All signs point to a future where games will only be available digitally and when that happens, say ‘bye bye’ to budget priced games.

The Halo 3 situation I mentioned earlier shows how badly we are going to be suckered for every dollar we have. The campaign along with twelve multiplayer maps now costs $19.99. 13 extra multiplayer maps (I’m including the free ones) costs about $28. Does anyone else see what is terribly wrong with this picture? Additionally, online multiplayer is horribly mutilated if you have not purchased any of the maps. I can’t imagine how many uninformed buyers have bought Halo 3, only to come home and realize they can’t play 2 vs. 2 ranked matches with their friend, unless they shell out another $15 bucks on maps. That’s just not fair.

I remember a time when the original Xbox Live had downloadable content for games, and a month or two later the content would be free. That doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. I wonder why they were able to afford to do that then, but not now. It’s probably greed… Oh well. I guess I’ll continue to avoid downloading content *cough* stimulus package *cough* and also continue buying hard copies of games while I still can.