The Game Awards: Geoff Keighley Gives More Info About World Premieres for Show and Pre-Show

The Game Awards: Geoff Keighley Gives More Info About World Premieres for Show and Pre-Show

Geoff Keighley shared that there will be between fifteen and eighteen world premieres split between The Game Awards and its pre-show.

Today The Game Awards organizer and host Geoff Keighley aired a quick livestream on Periscope giving some interesting information about the upcoming show and the world premieres that we’ll see.

According to Keighley, there will be between twelve and fourteen world premieres during the main show, and between three and four in the pre-show, even if the split might not be final, as he mentioned that things may be shifted around.

When asked whether there will be “AAA announcements,” Keighley explained that everyone has a different opinion on what “AAA” is, but there will be some “really cool surprises” and new game announcements. It will be up to the viewers to decide whether they are “triple-A megaton-level” or not.

He did not have any information to share on whether Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aimé will be in attendance or not, even if the executive has been present at all the previous ceremonies.

Interestingly, he was asked whether having PlayStation Experience right after The Game Awards hurts the line-up of world premieres. The answer was “not really” as Sony has been a “great partner” for the show. Sometimes games are shown at The Game Awards and then we’ll see even more at PlayStation Experience, and they have so many games that they can afford spreading things out a little bit.

Just today, we learned that Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro will be present at the ceremony, and during the broadcast, Keighley clarified that they will be presenting an award together. We also pretty much know that one of the World Premieres is a release date announcement for Sea of Thieves.