The GameStick Reaches Its KickStarter Goal–And Then Some

on January 4, 2013 6:50 PM

Just Tuesday I wrote about the reveal of the GameStick on Kickstarter, a project from the minds of PlayJam creators Jasper Smith, Anthony Johnson, and their team for a highly portable console gaming experience on TV. The GameStick would allow players to carry an HDMI thumb drive full of games that can plug into HD TVs, be played with bluetooth controllers, and attract indie developers through how easy it is to develop for. As of that article, the GameStick was well on its way to it’s goal: it had reached more than $61,000 out of $100,000 in one day, with no signs of stopping. Well today they have reached that goal, passed it, and still show no signs of slowing down.

As of this writing, the GameStick has earned more than 1,898 supporters and a total $185,150, nearly 200% of its goal. It still has 27 days to go until it ends funding on Feb 01, 2013, so don’t be surprised if Stretch Goals with new incentives start popping up over the next few weeks of this project.

With this update came a “Thank You” picture, along with a developer interview with Andrew Eades, CEO if Relentless Software, the creators behind the Buzz franchise.

Check out the video below, and for more news, stay tuned to

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