The GENKI: ShadowCast Turns Any Screen into a Switch Screen

Human Things is changing the game with the new ShadowCast.

December 23, 2020

Nintendo has always been at the top of the game in terms of handheld consoles and the Switch revolutionized the industry by creating a hybrid console that can hook up to a TV or be taken on the go. For all it does right, however, the Switch can’t use a laptop as a monitor, until now that is. Enter the GENKI: ShadowCast, an adapter that, among other things, allows the Switch to connect to laptops for even bigger screens on the go.

Currently still up for backing on Kickstarter, the ShadowCast is made by LA-based company Human Things who have made other Switch accessories in the past including the Covert Doc as well as a BlueTooth audio adapter. The pitch for the ShadowCast is simple. As stated on its Kickstarter page, “ShadowCast is the simplest way to play console games on your computer. TVs aren’t always convenient so we made a way to take console gaming with you wherever you are without the need of an internet connection.”


In addition to working on the Switch, the ShadowCast also works as an adapter for the PlayStation5, however, there’s no information on whether it’s compatible with the Xbox One or Series X|S.

Another feature the adapter offers is built-in capture software. If you’re looking to stream or just capture game footage, the ShadowCast has you covered. With support for both Mac and Microsoft OS, the ShadowCast is usable on just about any device and, as its Kickstarter page boasts, is a fraction of the price of other capture cards.

The GENKI: ShadowCast won’t be ready to ship until March 2021, but preorders and other backing bonuses are available on its Kickstarter page right here.

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