The God of Thunder Finally Gets His Own Game

By Taran Brar

July 20, 2010


“By Odin’s Beard” , yeah that’s right, you heard it here Thor is getting his very own game. For those of you who don’t know who Thor is here is a quick rundown on his past. Thor was brought to us by the god of comics himself, Stan Lee. He was brought into the Marvel Comic Universe in 1962 as both a stand alone character in his own comic and as a member of the legendary Avengers whose ranks include the likes of the Hulk, Iron Man and Captin America. Thor, The God of Thunder, is based on Norse mythology and for weapons he uses a hammer and the powers of storms.

With that said, Thor: The Video Game is an action packed third-person adventure game that will lead players on epic adventures through realms based on Norse mythology. Your adventures will lead to encounters with the ferocious creatures such as Frost Giants and trolls. The game will also feature many of the enemies featured in the comics themselves. Thor: The Video Game will have a skill system which will require players to earn Valor Points to earn new abilities.

Thor: The Video Game is set to come out sometime in 2011. It will be available for Xbox 360 PlayStation 3, PSP, Wii and the DS. All five versions will be roughly the same, following the same storyline with minor tweaks to suit each system. With Comic-Con so close hopefully more will be released on this upcoming title, so keep an ear to the ground for more information on Thor: The Video Game.

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