The Grand Tour Game Will Have Gadgets Which Makes It Sound like Mario Kart with Three Blokes

The Grand Tour Game Will Have Gadgets Which Makes It Sound like Mario Kart with Three Blokes

The Grand Tour Game will feature gadgets to use against other players during the split-screen races.

As the release date for The Grand Tour Game draws near, we’ve been treated to a few videos to tease the game. These teasers have featured the three presenters from Amazon’s The Grand Tour and usually shows them playing or talking about the game.

The latest video teasing The Grand Tour Game —You can find it below— finds the three presenters sat at a table engaged in a conversation. Richard Hammond plays a recurring gag throughout where he breaks the forth wall to advertise the game. Meanwhile, James May and Jeremy Clarkson discuss gadgets.

According to Clarkson, he believes that the game needs more gadgets. These gadgets can be applied to your vehicle to cause dismay towards the other drivers, giving you a fighting chance to hit first place.

While we don’t actually see any in-game footage of these gadgets taking place, the conversation reveals what may possibly be added to the game. I also assume that these gadgets will be exclusive to the split-screen multiplayer portions of the title rather than the single-player levels.

You can expect to see unique gadgets such as a smokescreen of sorts, blinding the player behind, a large dumping of teacups that shatter all over the track, and even ice cream causing the track to get a touch slippy. There’s even talk of fireworks, but Clarkson draws the line at cheese. So if you’re looking for a title that lets you launch cheese out of your car you’re best looking elsewhere. Hammond doesn’t contribute any ideas to the conversation.

On January 7 a short video went live showing Hammond playing the Hill Climb track, the very track he drove in reality and crashed at the finish line finding himself hospitalised. Another video shows the trio playing the game in split screen mode.

The game is episodic, and when launched will come with the first two episodes from Season One and Season Two. It will also include all of the episodes that are due to come in Season Three, but each episode is released weekly with that weeks content from The Grand Tour show being made playable through the game. It will be a single-player experience, but will also have split-screen multiplayer for up to four players.

The Grand Tour Game is available for pre-order and will grant players access to three special vehicles. Hammond’s Eco Car, May’s Fire Truck, and Clarkson’s Beach Buggy as we reported previously, but a new video has been released showing off the cars in action.

If you want to pre-order the game you can do so via AmazonThe Grand Tour Game will be available on PS4 and Xbox One on January 15.

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