The Grisaia Trilogy is Coming to Switch in English

Frontwing's original Grisaia games are being ported to Switch in Japan as a single pack next November.

July 9, 2019

Frontwing announced The Grisaia Trilogy for Nintendo Switch in Japan, with a Fall release. However, shop listings revealed November 7 as the exact release day. The Grisaia Trilogy includes the main three games The Fruit of Grisaia, The Labyrinth of Grisaia, and The Eden of Grisaia,  but also the short side games The Melody of Grisaia, The Leisure of Grisaia and The Afterglow of Grisaia.

Similar to what’s happening with the other popular visual novels getting ported to Switch like Clannad, The Grisaia Trilogy will include each game’s official English translation, with the ability to switch between Japanese and English at any time. Meaning it’s import friendly. A digital version will be available as well on the Nintendo Eshop. The Grisaia Trilogy supports touchscreen controls and can also be played with only one joy-con.


The Grisaia visual novel franchise started in 2011 and got pretty popular in the west, most notably thanks to Watanabe Akio handling its original character designs, as most recognized his style from the Monogatari anime adaptations. It’s worth noting however that Watanabe Akio also handled the original character designs of many other works, such as the first two seasons of the Pretty Rhythm series. The Grisaia franchise is still ongoing nowadays with the Grisaia: Phantom Trigger games and anime.

Iyane Agossah

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