The Guild 3 Receives New Developer to Bring it Out of Early Access

The Guild 3 Receives New Developer to Bring it Out of Early Access

THQ Nordic announced today that developer Purple Lamp will be taking over development of PC Early Access title The Guild 3.

Last September, THQ Nordic and GolemLabs released The Guild 3 on PC via Steam Early Access. While GolemLabs has been diligently working on the game since then, THQ Nordic announced today that it has brought on a new developer, Purple Lamp, to make sure The Guild 3 leaves Early Access “in due course”.

Purple Lamp is a relatively unknown developer based in Vienna, Austria that was formed earlier this year. That being said, they are currently working on several unannounced projects for PC, consoles, and mobile devices.

According to THQ Nordic, Purple Lamp is working off the framework already established by GolemLabs, and will be implementing several promised features like societies, a sovereignty mechanic, and multiplayer. Harald Riegler, CEO of Purple, commented on taking over the development reigns for The Guild franchise:

The Guild is a fantastic franchise and we’re proud to contribute both our experience and our personal passion for strategy games to deliver the game that fans are hoping for.”

Meanwhile, GolemLabs’ CEO Jean-René Couture reflected on her studio’s work over the past few years, and how they are now eagerly awaiting the release of The Guild 3:

“For the past few years, the folks here at GolemLabs had the huge honor to work on The Guild 3. However, the very last remaining stretch of development will be done under the care and reigns of THQ Nordic. So, from now on, GolemLabs will eagerly and proudly be waiting for the release of The Guild 3. For us here at GolemLabs, it is time to embark on new and exciting adventures.”

The Guild 3 is currently available on PC via Early Access, and will hopefully be leaving it soon now that Purple Lamp is on the project to speed things up.