The Guns of The Order: 1886 Are Much More Complex and Original Than They Seem

The Guns of The Order: 1886 Are Much More Complex and Original Than They Seem

Many have complained about The Order: 1886 looking like a pretty traditional third person shooter, but the game definitely seems to have some very interesting twists to its mechanics.

The video just broasdcasted by Sony Computer Entertainment showcased heavily the M-86/FL Thermite Rifle, which doesn’t just have a secondary fire mode. It has two, even if the details were easy to miss due to how briefly they were shown, and to the low quality of the stream.

It’s primary fire feature is a machine gun, but two additional buttons control two further features that act in combination:

Press R2 to fire rounds of thermite-grit that burst into clouds of flammable dust.

Press R1 to fire an ignition flare into the thermite dust cloud.


Basically it acts like a two-stage grenade launcher. First you shoot the termite round and wait for the cloud to spread, then you need to shoot a second round to ignite it, making for some potentially very interesting tactical gameplay.

The video also showcases another interesting and easily missable tidbits in the form of the C-76 Autoloading pistol, which does exactly what it says on the tin: when Galahad runs out of ammo, the magazine is changed without him needing to use two hands. It’ll be interesting to see if Ready at Dawn will explain the mechanics behind this in detail.

As a side note, we also saw the healing properties of the Black Water, even if it’s not yet known whether it’ll be actually used during gameplay (IE: as a sort of potion) or not.

One thing is for sure: there’s a fair chance that The Order: 1886 won’t play as traditionally as many think.