The Hero’s Angel and Devil Forms are Revealed in the Guided Fate Paradox Sequel KamiKuro

on March 25, 2014 10:39 PM

In the last Kamisama to Unmei Kakusei no Kurosuteze (aka The Cross-Thesis of the Awakening of God and Destiny) update, I briefly mentioned an ability protagonist Shin can use called the “God Translocation,” which is granted by the power of the Fate Awakening Crystal. Today’s KamiKuro update delves into this mechanic further, as well as the various effects and benefits of the forms.

If Shin uses the crystal to fuse with the angel Jupiel, he gains an angel form which embodies his good half. In this form Shin is wields a sword and excels at close combat. On the other hand, fusing with the devil Arle transforms Shin into a devil form that symbolizes his not-so nice side. This form allows for Shin to use strong magic attacks from a long distance.

Extra benefits from the forms include traps increasing or decreasing in effectiveness and strengthened and unique skills. Below are examples of the special abilities

Angel Form:

  • Light Shot- a series of powerful physical slashes.
  • Armed Light Hammer- Shin strengthens himself to increase his attack.

Demon Form:

  • Dark Shot- shoots out a dark energy bullet in a straight line that travels a long distance.
  • Energy Drain- steals strength from the enemy to restore Shin’s HP.

Interestingly enough, there are dungeon foes that also possess either a good or evil attribute and naturally their weakness lies in their opposing element (aka one of Shin’s forms). You can check out the designs and gameplay screenshots in the gallery below.

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