The Hip Hop Dance Experience Launch Trailer Shows That I’m Not About That Life

on October 31, 2012 9:06 PM

Ubisoft’s The Hip Hop Dance Experience doesn’t release for another two weeks, but the launch trailer was released recently showing exactly how a typical night that ends with The Hip Hop Dance Experience should go. Watch below as the patrons of fine dance gaming get warmed up at the club, scarf down some tacos from that taco truck (seriously guys, if you don’t have a favorite taco truck, you need to find one. You may think I’m joking about this, but I’m not.) and top it all of by getting down in the typical kinect-compatible living room – sized for eight people, with elbow room to spare.

You can get your hands on The Hip Hop Dance Experience on November 13th, I’m sure your lesser, “normal-sized” living room will be enough. That club owner is probably getting ripped off on rent.

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