The Hundred Year Kingdom Explained, Release Details on Steam, Switch

Here's why you should be hyped for The Hundred Year Kingdom

January 19, 2022

The Hundred Year Kingdom is a pixel-art, turn-based civilization simulation developed by a single indie Japanese developer, Kaeru-san Games – While the game got delayed from its 2021 Q4 release, we finally have a release date now for Switch and Steam.

The Hundred Year Kingdom on Steam and Switch explained

The Hundred Year Kingdom (百年王国) is an incredibly addictive and promising civilization game coming to Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Players have 100 years, 100 turns to build a civilization represented by a grid and reach specific objectives.

Each square of the grid can be filled by creating various types of agriculture, industry, infrastructures, houses, towns, and cities.


Players can also pick between different goddesses helping with the civilization-building. And they’re all cute 2D girls with an incredibly cool character design.

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The Hundred Year Kingdom is actually the remake of a Freem game

Furthermore, The Hundred Year Kingdom is actually a remake of a game with the same name. Which was initially released on Freem. A Japanese site where indie developers can share their games. And every game is free. Hence the name Freem.

It’s quite hard to explain with words what makes The Hundred Year Kingdom so interesting, so I recommend checking out the demo on Steam.

Free doujin games platform Freem and iconic game Vahrenturga explained

Sadly, Freem is quite unknown outside Japan, even though one of its games, ヴァーレントゥーガ (Vahrenturga) had a huge impact on the Japanese doujin games/indie games scene.

Vahrenturga is a war simulation game with turn-based diplomacy phases and RTS battle phases. It’s one of the most popular games on Freem. And there are thousands of Vahrenturga mods made by fans. Going from staples like Touhou, to recreating actual historical wars. It’s likely you even already played or saw a stream of a Vahrenturga mod without even realizing it.

One Vahrenturga mod in particular, Lost Technology, is available in English on Steam. The Japanese version of the game is free on the developer’s site, Studio 4D.

Together with FTL, Lost Technology is by far the most addicting indie game of these last 10 years in my book. And The Hundred Year Kingdom has a high chance of entering this pantheon.

The Hundred Year Kingdom release date on PC via Steam and Switch

This January 19, Kaeru-san Games announced on Twitter that The Hundred Year Kingdom will be released on February 3, 2022, on Nintendo Switch and Steam for 1500 Yen. Chorus Worldwide Games and Waku Waku Games will publish The Hundred Year Kingdom in English.

A release date announcement was first teased on December 31, 2021, and later on January 14, 2022. Now we only have a few days to wait till we can play The Hundred Year Kingdom. On Steam, an OST and an artbook also release on February 3 and there’s a 20% off bundle with the game too.

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