The Initiative's Unannounced Game Reportedly Uses Unreal Engine 4

Some new details from a LinkedIn page of a former The Initiative designer hints at possible Perfect Dark reboot.

April 27, 2020

According to the LinkedIn account of a former The Initiative employee, the studio is working on an Unreal Engine 4 based game featuring various weapons, gadgets, camera surveillance systems, and intractable objects.

Despite having a disappointing launch during the current generation with Xbox One, Microsoft managed to acquire a bunch of talented studios over the recent years, preparing 15 teams of developers to ensure delivering an exclusive title in each season for Xbox Series X. The Initiative is one of the new studios formed by Microsoft and gathered dozens of talented developers from reputable studios to work on a yet-to-be-announced title.


While Phil Spencer has promised to showcase more details on the studio’s debut project in 2020, some rumors have been hinting at a Perfect Dark reboot or sequel as the first project of The Initiative. Although no official confirmation has arrived yet, some new details have appeared on the LinkedIn page of a former technical designer of the studio about the project they’ve been working on, which seems to be on the same wavelength as those rumors.

According to the employee’s resume, he has designed and scripted various weapons, gadgets, and camera surveillance systems, along with some interactable game objects like doors, triggers, hazards, destructibles, and more.

Sure, all the things above could appear in any kind of game, but referring to a camera surveillance system somehow reminds us of a stealth-based title like Perfect Dark. The franchise was originally created by Rare Studios in 2000 and once got remastered by 4J Studios for Xbox 360 back in 2010. With Rare itself working on Everwild as its next project, it wouldn’t be surprising if The Initiative takes the helm for the reboot of the series.

Previously, Phil Spencer revealed via Twitter that more exciting news about the upcoming games will be arriving soon, which is assumed to be a hint at the company’s rumored digital conference in May.

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