The Internet Has Won. Introducing PLANK’D: The World’s First Planking Game

on May 24, 2011 8:30 AM

The Internet Has Won. Introducing PLANK'D: The World's First Planking Game

If you’re even a casual tourist of the Internets you know the phenomenon/meme that is “planking”: people lay flat down across any random household object in public and take a picture, hoping to gain much laughs and Internet street cred in the process. Well, N3V games has refined that formula into a Flash game built on the Unity engine. Called PLANK’D, the game features three characters with which to plank a cityscape with; the controls are odd and seem clunky as hell at first, but it’s oddly addicting, and there’s quite a strategy to it. Check it out, play it, and gain Internet notoriety from the safety of your own home!

[credit goes to reddit for that image!]

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